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Joomtrax Full Complete Package

Title: Joomtrax Full Complete
Filesize: 11238104
Filedate: 2014-10-08

Price: 19 $


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Please register or login before purchase Joomtrax Complete package.


Hello, please make a small donation to support me.

Help 1 - Installation of Plugin Blink

1 : First unzip the downloaded package
01 - unzip

2 : Open the Extension Manager
02 - extensionmanager

3 : Browse the zip file which has the associated joomla version in the name.
03 - install

4 : plugin is installed. If not, check if you installed the correct version 1.5 or 1.6 associated to your Joomla!® version. If installed then click Plugin Manager.
04 - plugin installed

5 : click Blink to open the plugin settings.
05 - plugin manager

6 : Enable the plugin and save.
06 - enable plugin

7 : Create a new article by click Add New Article.
07 - new article

8 : Type in your article: {scroll}Please Donate me....{/scroll}
08 - test article

9 : Open your site, and check the result. 09 - sample

When you are planning to use multiple scrollers on your site with different settings, then you can override each parameter to get more control.

parameters: {blink pars= interval, color 0, color 1, color 2, color .... } your text {/blink}

{blink pars=0,#ff0000,#ffffff} A small donation would be nice. {/blink}
results in:
A small donation would be nice.
{blink pars=2,#ff0000,hide,#ffffff,hide} Please don't forget the coder! {/blink}
results in:
Please don't forget the coder!

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