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Joomtrax Full Complete Package

Title: Joomtrax Full Complete
Filesize: 11238104
Filedate: 2014-10-08

Price: 19 $


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Example 1 - Plugin Blink

This blinks RedThis blinks Green
Plugin Code (this can be copied to your articles:
{blink pars=0,#FF0000,#FFCCCC}This blinks Red{/blink}{blink pars=2,#00FF00,#CCFFCC}This blinks Green{/blink}

Blink uses Html div tag to make the text blinking. To add more than one blink text on one line, you need to do the following:
Example 1 Blink more than one text on a single line:

Plugin Code:

Example 2 Blink more than one text on a single line:
No Blink 1
No Blink 2
No Blink 3

Plugin Code:

Another test, with different font size: Example 3 Blink inside a single line with different html formatting:

No Blink 1


No Blink 3

The HTML code that can be copied:
Plugin Code:

Plugin Code:

Unicoded test: üúæ¼ĝƋʥᏊኙᘙẼ

Parameters description:
{blink pars= blinkspeed, color 1, color 2, ....} your text {/blink}

The first parameter is the blink speed

The second and more are the colors

Table sample:
row 1, cell 1 row 1, cell 2
row 2, cell 1 row 2, cell 2

Copy this code to your article, in html mode.

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