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Joomtrax Full Complete Package

Title: Joomtrax Full Complete
Filesize: 11238104
Filedate: 2014-10-08

Price: 19 $


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Joomtrax - Plugin Text Magic
Name Plugin Text Magic
Type plugin
Version 1.2
Date 2 April 2013
Price Free

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Free download:
The Textmagic plugin can be download here: {acfp id=9}

The Text Magic Plugin is an article content plugin that will enable you to show nice coloured custom text.
This plugin uses .ttf TrueType fonts. There are some fonts delivered with this plug in.
But it is also possible to add new user .ttf fonts to the: ".\plugins\content\fonts" directory.
Tons of ttf fonts can be found on:
The colors and styles are selectable by parameters which allow you to show different colors and style effect.

some examples:
Following samples can be copied to your articles, enable plugin in, and copy the plugin code to your articles.

Welcome to the text magic plugin.
Plugin Code:


Simple example
Plugin Code:

This example
shows multiline
Plugin Code:

It is very easy to select different font types, styles and colors
This is the Text Magic plugin
Plugin Code:

The font can be easily selected by file index of a part of the font name
{textmagic pars=aria,20,2,3} {This is the Arial font}{/textmagic}
results in:
This is the Arial font
Also user colors can be chosen:
{textmagic pars=1,20,2,3, #FF0000, #884444} {This are custom colors}{/textmagic}
results in:
This are custom colors
Also transparency colors can be chosen:
{textmagic pars=1,20,2,3, #44FF0000, #44884444} {This are custom colors}{/textmagic}
results in:
These are transparency colors
Url can be attached to the text:
<a target="_blank" title="Joomtrax" href=""> {textmagic pars=10,20,4,5, #44FFCCCC, #FFFF4444, url="" } {This is an URL}{/textmagic}</a>
results in:
This is an URL





This is what the Text Magic plugin can do:

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