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Colorize Examples


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Joomtrax - Plugin Colorize

Name Plugin Colorize
Type plugin
Version 1.1
License GNU/GPL

this is the colorize plugin!

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This Colorize Plugin is an article content plugin that will enable you to create colorized texts in your articles. The colorize plugin can colorize text in lines and wavy styles.
The colorize plugin contains also a capatilizer, sizelizer, separizer. This plugin can be configured with several parameters, like colors, period and styles. The Colorize Plugin is based on the Joomtrax colorize PHP script. No flash or javascripts scripts are used.

Welcome to the Colorize plugin!
This plugin will colorize your article text.
But the colorize plugin in can do more.
  1. Colorize : This text is colorized
  2. Sizelize : This text is sizelized
  3. Capitalize : This text is Capitalized. All Capitals Are Big!
  4. Separize : T_h_i_s_ _t_e_x_t_ _i_s_ _s_e_p_a_r_i_z_e_d_ _b_y_ _a_n_ _u_n_d_e_r_s_c_o_r_e_._
Within seconds your site will have a colorfull look.
Also Combinations of sizelize and colorize and separize are posible.
The Colorize plugin! Can make your Capital Characters give different colors, Size, Italic or Bold.
This a Joomtrax colorize plugin example!
Install instructions:

Install the plugin, publish the plugin, and copy in your article content following text:
{colorize}This a Joomtrax colorize example{/colorize}



The default parameters of the plugin can be configured in the plugin manager. But in your articles you can override each parameters,. see examples below.

The examples can be copied to your articles to get the same results.


Some examples:

results in:
This a Joomtrax colorize example

This a Joomtrax colorize example
plugin code:

This a Joomtrax colorize example
plugin code:

This a Joomtrax Colorize Example
plugin code:

even cooler sample:
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Plugin Code:

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